Medical Waste Disposal

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If you’re looking to save on medical waste disposal, get an instant quote in under 60 seconds from Med Alliance. By far the biggest player in the industry is Steri-cycle, and if you’re using them, you’re definitely paying way more than you need to.

Unfortunately, Steri-cycle locks you into one-sided contracts that allow them to raise their prices while locking you in. Med Alliance requires no contract. Make sure you cancel your contract with Steri-cycle 6 months prior to it auto-renewing or they will hold you to paying them “liquidated damages” equal to the value of the entire contract.

You may save your office a bunch of money if you have them look into their medical waste disposal situation. If you work at a doctor’s office or veterinary office, you definitely generate medical waste. Also, tattoo parlors, acupuncturists and funeral homes do.

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