Medical Waste Disposal

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If you’re looking to save on medical waste disposal, get an instant quote in under 60 seconds from Med Alliance. By far the biggest player in the industry is Steri-cycle, and if you’re using them, you’re definitely paying way more than you need to.

Unfortunately, Steri-cycle locks you into one-sided contracts that allow them to raise their prices while locking you in. Med Alliance requires no contract. Make sure you cancel your contract with Steri-cycle 6 months prior to it auto-renewing or they will hold you to paying them “liquidated damages” equal to the value of the entire contract.

You may save your office a bunch of money if you have them look into their medical waste disposal situation. If you work at a doctor’s office or veterinary office, you definitely generate medical waste. Also, tattoo parlors, acupuncturists and funeral homes do.

Tallahassee Web Design

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If you’re in Tallahassee and need a new website, RyTech is the answer.

Make sure people aren’t finding your website, and then clicking the dreaded back button. You have just seconds to impress, and if you’re website is ugly, your potential customer will click back before they ever read anything.

They say you need to dress for the job you want not the one you have, and you need a website that looks like it’s for the big company you want yours to become. Turns out that’s cheaper than you probably thought. In fact, for the price of a couple suits, you can have your company looking like you spent thousands on your website.

Call or text 850-391-4445 right now!

Big Time Websites for Little Companies

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If you’ve got a small business, you can still have a big time website. RyTech can make a small company look big with an awesome looking website that’s as slick as a Fortune 500 company’s.

Most everyone searches the internet to find anything they’re looking for, and you need to both show up at the top of those results and have a slick looking website that keeps them from clicking back and going to the next result.

Most websites are only $750, but the price can be higher or lower depending on how complicated the site is.


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One of the coolest apps I have on my phone is called iGotYa. Put in the wrong passcode on my iPhone 4 and it will take a picture of you with the front camera, save the GPS coordinates, and email both of them to an email address of my choice.

An email from iGotYa

Mostly I just get pictures of myself when I mistakenly mistype the code, but the rest of the time it’s hilarious pictures of friends from an extremely unflattering, under the neck, angle. If someone were to actually steal my phone, though, they’d almost definitely try to unlock it and end up giving me a lot to go on towards finding them.

It sends a link with the exact location on Google Maps

Unfortunately, due to limitations on official Apple App Store apps, iGotYa is only possible on a jailbroken iPhone. Fortunately, even the latest version of iOS is crackable via greenpois0n.

iGotYa is about $6 on Cydia (the jailbreak app store). In case you’re wondering, it’s about $6 because it’s actually priced in Euro.


Under Construction

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The RYTECH site is still under construction, but if you need something done computer-wise, I’m open for business. From basic computer help to more advanced projects for business, just call and I’ll help you get it done quickly and inexpensively.

Check back for helpful hints and tips each week.